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More Pallets & More Savings

Buying one liquidation pallet generally means a great return, but it’s in purchasing multiple pallets of liquidation product that real returns start helping businesses scale.


Where retailers offer manifested loads, we make sure customers can see and verify manifests! But plenty of direct loads are un-manifested: in some cases, the better deal. 

Fast Trucks & Direct Docking

Wherever possible we try and send liquidation truckloads direct from retailer docks. We also do our best to opt for hassle-free freight carriers to get you the best savings.

OWLidquidation Always Delivers.

OWLiquidation offers a wide variety of product categories including General Merchandise, Clothing, Shoes, Tools/Hardware, Domestics, Furniture, Jewelry, Seasonal Goods & More as well as a Variety of Product Conditions including Customer Returns, Shelf Pulls & Overstocks.

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OWLiquidation is here for you, and happy to answer questions about brands, products, freight carriage and more! Never hesitate to reach out if you have questions before or after ordering.

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